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Generation Generation No 3
Family -Member
4. FRANCIS3 BUSHELL (FRANCIS2 HENDY, FRANCIS1) was born 1786 in Tormarton, Gls, Eng, and died March 1849 in Tormarton, Gls, Eng.  
He married CATHERINE ELLISTON 13 October 1811 in St Mary Magdalene, Tormarton. She was born 1788 in Tormarton, Gls, Eng, and died May 1864 in Tormarton, Gls, Eng.  

Census Details
Census Location Family
1851  Tormarton  Catherine HENDY Head widow 63 Parish Relief Tormarton
James HENDY son widower 30 Ag Lab Tormarton
Thomas HENDY son 28 Ag Lab Tormarton
Hannah HENDY daur 24 Tormarton 
Census Location Family
1861  Tormarton  Catherine HENDY Head W 73 Lab's widow Tormarton
James HENDY son widower W 40 Lab Tormarton
Emma HENDY Grandaur 13 Scholar Tormarton 

More Photos & Notes
6. i. WILLIAM4 HENDY, b. 1812, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Aft. 1869.
7. ii. ELIZABETH HENDY, b. 1814, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. May 1850, Tormarton, Gls, Eng.
iii. SARAH HENDY, b. 1816, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Bef. 1831.
8. iv. JOHN HENDY, b. 1817, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. July 1894, Tormarton, Gls, Eng.
v. JAMES HENDY, b. 1820, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. November 1892, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; m. ELIZABETH 'HENDY', Abt. 1851; b. 1832, Coalpit Heath, Gls, Eng; d. Bet. 1842 - 1851.
9. vi. THOMAS HENDY, b. 1822, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Bef. 1901.
vii. MARY HENDY, b. 1825, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. June 1850, Tormarton, Gls, Eng.
viii. HANNAH HENDY, b. 1827, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. January 1856, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; m. THOMAS WOOWRIGHT KNEE, 8 November 1851, St Mary Magdalene, Tormarton; b. May 1828, Tormarton; d. May 1876, Tormarton.
ix. SARAH/EMMA HENDY, b. 1832, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Unknown.