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Generation Generation No 5
Family -Member
11. JAMES5 HENDY (WILLIAM4, FRANCIS3 BUSHELL, FRANCIS2 HENDY, FRANCIS1) was born 1839 in Tormarton, Gls, Eng, and died Aft. 1881.
He married HANNAH (HENDY). She was born 1840 in St George, Bristol, Eng, and died Aft. 1881. 

Census Details
Census Location Family
1841  Tormarton  William HENDY Head 25 Ag Lab Glos
Mary HENDY wife 20 Glos
James HENDY son 1 Glos
Mary YEELES mother-in-law 70 Glos 
Census Location Family
1851  Tormarton  William HENDY Head widower 38 Ag Lab Tormarton
James HENDY son 11 Ag Lab Tormarton
Elizabeth HENDY daur 9 Scholar Tormarton
Mary YEELES MinL Widow 70 Parish Relief Tormarton 
Census Location Family
1861  Tormarton  William HENDY Head M 47 Lab Tormarton
Ann HENDY wife M 34 Tormarton
James HENDY son U 22 Lab Tormarton
Lewin HENDY son 10 Tormarton
Albert HENDY son 5 Tormarton
Charles HENDY daur 3 Tormarton
Hannah HENDY daur 1 Tormarton 

More Photos & Notes
Children of JAMES HENDY and HANNAH (HENDY) are:
i. FRANCIS6 HENDY, b. 1867, St George, Bristol, Eng; d. Unknown.
ii. SARAH HENDY, b. 1868, St George, Bristol, Eng; d. Unknown.
iii. ANNIE HENDY, b. 1870, St George, Bristol, Eng; d. Unknown.
iv. EDITH S HENDY, b. 1877, St George, Bristol, Eng; d. Unknown.